I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  

Here is a sampling, below, and you can also read my reviews on Yelp.

-"I was interested in a style of massage therapy that went beyond just a "relaxing spa session" and found Satu Ferentz to be just what I had in mind. She works with authority and experience on the whole body including advice on aspects of nutrition and digestion and has a real knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well. Her rooms are uncluttered, peaceful and clean and Satu is always discreet, immediately putting one at ease. Truly restorative massage on all levels." Ann F


-"I have been a client of Satu's over a number of years.  She has helped loosen tight muscles as well as open blocked channels after I had been ill for awhile.  She always inquires about my overall wellness and takes into account whatever state I am in as she works.  She is responsive to requests and moderates her treatments according to my needs at the time of each visit.  I feel fully cared for in her hands and only wish she worked closer to my home!" Susan R.

- “After my Reiki and Accupressure session with Satu, I was in what I can only describe as a blissful state. I went directly to work, and instead of my usual quasi-anxious state, I had a strong sense of well-being, and I kept being struck by it anew as I went through the day; a feeling of being relaxed and happy through all my interactions.

During the session, for a good part of the time, her hands weren't actually touching my body, but I could sense them moving by a feeling of warmth and energy flow. It's hard to describe energy flow in words, but the feeling was of different parts of me releasing. First my hands started uncurling. Then my arms felt like they were being released from my back and shoulders, like there was new space between the joints. Then my feet and legs, followed by my stomach, back and neck.  It all took place effortlessly, and with no verbal suggestion from her, as a response to what was clearly energy flowing. Satu interspersed this off-body technique with actual touch: gentle pressure on points in the soles of my foot and palms of my hands. This had a satisfying grounding effect that enhanced the more floaty experience of her hands moving above my body.

When I asked Satu about how she decides where to move her hands, she said that beyond the book learning, she has learned to trust and follow the cues she gets through her hands as she works. Throughout the session I had the sense that we were working together - as if she had energy receptors in her hands "listening" to the energy of my body and inviting it to let go and release. I felt trust that Satu sensed what was really needed at that moment, and she attended to it.” Diane S.